Selected from founder’s experience

Industry Description of Transaction Key Benefits and Value
Communications Strategic partnership and sale by mobile communications company of a 20% interest of its business in a large Southwestern state to a leading power utility Strategic partnership with the largest land owner in the state enabled rapid network rollout in a very competitive market environment, together with capital for expansion
Technology Acquisition of an innovative provider of semiconductor wafer inspection systems in Silicon Valley by a strategic partnership of two industrial companies Cross-border acquisition led by global textiles company seeking fast-growing manufacturer with proprietary technology; buyers were able to acquire company before it pursued an Initial Public Offering
Shipping Strategic partnership and acquisition of a minority equity interest in a historic leading railroad in the western United States by one of the world’s major shipping companies Cross-border strategic partnership between two leading transportation companies leveraged growth in the rapidly expanding sector of intermodal shipping
Communications Multiple acquisitions of shares over time to increase ownership in a major mobile communications company in each of nine regions of Japan Cross-border acquisitions from other shareholders ultimately secured one of only three national brands; the only non-Japanese company to do so
Industrial Sale of a well-established manufacturer of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment in the Pacific Northwest to a larger company in the same industry outside the United States Cross-border sale of a leading industry player to a well-respected Japanese company enabled significant expansion in the United States, together with sharing of technology and product designs
Financial Services Acquisition of a major New York bank’s equipment leasing subsidiary in Australia by a leading global equipment and transportation company Cross-border acquisition facilitated and enhanced core business; advisors helped buyer move carefully but quickly to gain exclusivity, pre-empting a formal auction
Beverages Aquisition of a highly regarded premium Napa Valley winery by a global brewing company Cross-border acquisition where purchaser was able to address strong demand in its home country for preferred Napa Valley white wines, and also diversify its business by expanding into the premium wine industry
Financial Services Sale of publicly-traded lessor of medical and scientific equipment Strategic buyer purchased at attractive premium to consolidate with its existing operations, helping to create the largest independent lessor in the healthcare industry