Advantage Description
Aligned With You Navicerne brings hands-on principal experience in senior corporate development roles – we think and operate like owners, and bring the mindset of a disciplined, long-term investor
Deep Experience Over 20 years experience, including advisor and principal roles, in a wide range of completed transactions across multiple industries, representing over $15 billion of value
Broad Perspective Strong background in finance, investments, strategy, investment banking, M&A, corporate development and international business
Creative Approach Fresh thinking and insight that helps uncover hidden attributes, develop alternatives, bridge gaps, solve problems and add options
Risk Spotting and Control Extensive research and precise analysis helps you identify, evaluate, control and avoid risks throughout the process; sharp focus on corporate governance
Cross-Border Expertise Specialized skills and cultural sensitivity to help get complex cross-border transactions closed successfully; significant experience involving Japan and the Asia-Pacific region
Proven Track Record In a senior corporate development role, Navicerne’s founder was part of a management team that increased equity value six-fold in five years, from $10 billion to $60 billion