A strategic partnership, investment, joint venture or acquisition can be a significant milestone for your company, and can even be transformative. Yet pursuing such an impactful transaction can also be a challenging and unfamiliar journey, often through turbulent waters with hazards above and below the waves. Consider that:

  • Often a significant amount of capital is involved
  • Cross-border transactions bring increased complexity
  • The failure rate is high – it is well documented that a large portion of completed deals fail to create value in either the short or long term
  • The success or failure of these transactions frequently has a disproportional impact on value
  • The cost of a failed transaction can be great, perhaps even threatening a company’s survival

In spite of these challenges, a select group of carefully planned and well-executed transactions are clear winners – with skilled, experienced teams consistently achieving more successful outcomes. When embarking on such a voyage, advance preparation, careful screening and seasoned guidance are critical; understandably, you want a trusted, independent and experienced advisor.

Navicerne can help by providing a specialized capability that you may not have internally. In many companies, the best executives to take on important new assignments are already very busy with critical, demanding jobs. With limited management time, significant details can be overlooked, leading to missed opportunities and undiscovered risks. Navicerne can help you achieve a more successful result – and help you win.